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GLP services chemical industry


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GLP services for the chemical industry

Securing the evaluation of chemicals is key to long-term sustainable growth of chemical industry. Access to skilled and experienced support staff is vital for successful industry expansion. The chemical industry is facing the difficulty of new regulations, looking for solutions to meet the latest and highest standard in regulatory requirements.

How can we make sure to be a valuable point of call for the new and on-going requirements of the chemical industry ?

GLP compliance and technical excellence does not guarantee success in gaining orders.

Phytosafe has a distinct culture, putting great emphasis on communication and giving our customers opportunities to be kept up to date with their studies.

It is important for us to promote a positive image as a socially responsible company and efficient partner, contributing positively to society and reguloratory affairs management.

Last but not least, Phytosafe wants to make sure our customers know about our commitment and work in our professional area.

GLP services chemical industry


A powerful human sized facility

1995: Phytosafe was created formerly as ‘Envirotests’

1997: GLP compliance was held for terrestrial ecotoxicology studies (Envirotests).

1998: The compliance was extended to physical-chemical testing and residue studies (Envirotests).

2001: Envirotests became Phytosafe and moved to new 400 m2 laboratories.

Compliance with the principles of GLP is now recognized in 6 areas (download our latest GLP certificate):

  • Physical-chemical testing,
  • Environmental toxicity studies on aquatic and terrestrial organisms,
  • Studies on behaviour in water, soil and air; bioaccumulation,
  • Residue studies,
  • Studies on effects on mesocosms and natural ecosystems,
  • Analytical and clinical chemistry testing.

Besides, Phytosafe is recognized as a valuable partner in support of research and development programs. This CIR (Credit Impôt-Recherche) agreement is governed by the French authorities for the sole French market and allows French companies to save significant money in placing their programs in our hands.

Download our CIR agreement 2005-2008
Download our CIR agreement 2012-2014

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