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Terrestrial ecotoxicology

OECD 201

Freshwater alga and cyanobacteria growth inhibition test

Test design
Test species Freshwater Algae or Cyanobacteria
Life stage Exponentially growing cultures
Route of exposure Contact
Endpoints Specific growth rate; Yield
Test duration 72 hours
Test unit 100 mL of dilution water
Test concentrations 5
Replicates 3
Specimens 2-5 x 106 cells / L (Algae) or 10-20 µg/L chlorophyl a (Cyanobacteria)
Temperature 21-24°C+/-2°C
Light Continuous 60-120 µE.m-2.s-1 (Algae) 40-60 µE.m-2.s-1 (Cyanobacteria)
Substrate Dilution water: ISO8692 (algae) or BG11 (cyanobacteria)
Treatment application Spiked water

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