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Terrestrial ecotoxicology

The assessment of the effects and risks of chemicals for the terrestrial environment is a complex matter ... (SANCO/10329/2002 rev2 final)

The studies performed by Phytosafe relating to the terrestrial environment include:

  • Effects on soil functions, and particularly on the capacity of soil to act as substrate for plants including effects on seed germination, and those on organisms (invertebrates, micro-organisms) important for proper soil function and nutrient cycle conservation;
  • Effects on plant biomass production, related to contamination of soil or air including deposition on plant surfaces;
  • Effects on soil, above-ground, sediment and foliar invertebrates, which represent food for other organisms, and cover essential roles as pollinators, detrivores, saprophages, pest controller, etc.



New GLP inspection

June 12-13, 2014